Warm Up

One of the most crucial elements, if not THE most important in exercise, is the warm up. Before doing any type of exercise you need your muscles in particular but also your ligaments and tendons to be warm. This is all the more essential if the exercise you’re going to do involves explosive movements, stretching, […]

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Spiral Workouts

Now many people may look at that title and start wondering, what the heck is that? Well don’t worry, it may sound tricky but in reality it’s not all that. The term spiral refers to the simple act of going up and down, which is pretty much the only two things that a spiral is […]

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Isometric Training

All this week we’re doing Isometric training on Fat Buddha Fitness but some people may be asking, what is that and why would you do it? The first part is easy to explain. Isometric training is technically the opposite to isotonic exercising. You may all have heard of isotonic drinks, well the drink itself isn’t […]

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Interval Training

While the term interval training is very common in fitness circles, to the lay man it’s often a totally unknown concept. But the reason it’s important is because it’s a very useful way of getting fit or into shape. Many people run and for various different reasons. Some may simply enjoy running, others do so […]

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Diet & Exercise – keep it simple

There’s a lot of advice flying around when it comes to diet in conjunction with exercise. Some people say you shouldn’t eat after 7-8pm, you should eat oatmeal instead of cereal for breakfast, don’t drink coffee or alcohol, drink green tea, avoid saturated fats, eat nuts, eat a piece of fruit within an hour of […]

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Lunges and Squats

If there are two exercises that most attract women then it is these two: lunges and squats. This isn’t some sort of sexist comment, it’s a simple fact. The majority of women when they exercise are most interested in targeting their tummy, butt and thighs. Forget the tummy for a moment because lunges and squats […]

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Outdoor Circuit Training

In an age when people run on a moving carpet in an air-conditioned room without ever actually going anywhere; or who sit on a chair and lift a bar, weighed down by metal tiles, up and down until they sweat; or who sit on a girder and slide back and forth while heaving a pulley, […]

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Kickboxing Workout

Kickboxing Workout

One feature you will notice on Fat Buddha Fitness is that our workouts are not just restricted to your regular press-ups, sit-ups, squats and lunges. We believe that getting into shape, getting fit and even just getting healthier involes a more holistic approach to exercising. So one thing we do a lot of is use […]

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FBF Warm Up Video

FBF Warm Up Video

Warming Up If you’re going to follow the Fat Buddha Fitness workouts then it’s important you know how to warm up your muscles beforehand. In this video blog Chestermonkeymagic takes you through his own quick and simple warm-up routine that he uses before doing any exercise.

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Exercise Without Equipment

Exercise Without Equipment

In the first of our blog postings we consider the question of exercising without equipment and mull over the benefits and advantages to doing bodyweight workouts rather than going to the gym. Gyms are specifically designed to provide you with the ideal equipment and environment within which to workout. Depending on the gym there are […]

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