Exercise Without Equipment

Exercise Without Equipment

In the first of our blog postings we consider the question of exercising without equipment and mull over the benefits and advantages to doing bodyweight workouts rather than going to the gym.

Gyms are specifically designed to provide you with the ideal equipment and environment within which to workout. Depending on the gym there are often a multitude of different machines and pieces of equipment facilitating your ability to work almost every muscle in your body. And yet, do you actually need all that equipment? Can you exercise without equipment? The answer to the first question is no and the second is yes!

First and foremost, what are the advantages to exercising without equipment, or doing bodweight exercises as they are often called. As you only use your own body you can do these exercises anywhere and any time. You don’t need to go to a gym so it can save you money on a gym membership. Then there is the time issue. As you can do your workout anywhere you don’t need to take the time to leave your home. It saves you money and time. On top of that it’s highly convenient and can in fact facilitate your ability to train. If your own body is your gym then you can train anywhere; in your home, your garden, a hotel room, at work, on holiday… anywhere!

So the question now comes to effectiveness. Can you get as effective a workout if you exercise without equipment? The answer to that is yes! Certain bodyweight exercises essentially mirror an exercise you can do on a machine. A press-up is the same exercise as a bench press, it works your chest and triceps. But a press-up is more versatile as you can change so many elements to it to work slightly different muscles. Press-ups can be done with a wide hand placement, narrow one, on your knuckles, on one arm, with your feet raised; the options are limitless!

Another advantage to bodyweight workouts is that they are safer. When you exercise without equipment you are using only weights that your body is designed to cope with. If you go to the gym you might be tempted to pile on too much weight and should you suffer an injury whilst working out then all that extra weight will be putting pressure on your injury. If you exercise without equipment you are under no greater risk than normal should you tweak a muscle or damage a ligament or tendon.

A further consideration is usefulness. Lifting big weights serves only one purpose: to make your muscles bigger. But working out is about so much more than that and by taking care of your health, fitness, strength, speed and stamina you can improve your quality of life. If you’re an active person then you may need to use your strength to pull or push your own weight up something, but you’re never going to need to bench-press something heavier than you in your daily life. Doing lunges strengthens your legs enough for you to be able to take big steps clambering up a steep, rocky slope, but you’re never going to need to do squats with 100kg across your shoulders. So even if you do go to the gym and enjoy it, consider supplementing your workout schedule with some short, intense home bodyweight workouts just like those you find here on Fat Buddha Fitness.




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