Kickboxing Workout

Kickboxing Workout

One feature you will notice on Fat Buddha Fitness is that our workouts are not just restricted to your regular press-ups, sit-ups, squats and lunges. We believe that getting into shape, getting fit and even just getting healthier involes a more holistic approach to exercising. So one thing we do a lot of is use martial arts moves in our workouts. The most common of these are kung fu or kickboxing moves. Essentially the kicking and punch exercises we give you could come from any number of martial arts of fighting sports but we’ll use kickboxing for simplicity.

So why would you do a kickboxing workout? The simple reason is that for sports such as kickboxing you need to be very fit. Fighting for three minutes, round after round whether it’s kickboxing, boxing or mixed martial arts is tough. Even sports like judo which don’t have rounds, are usually fought over a single day meaning you would have several five-minute bouts in one day. To do any of these you need to be really fit. But it’s not like aerobics fitness because you also need power. You need to be able to maintain your power so your punches and kicks can be effective even into the later rounds.

It’s not just fitness, though, there’s also an element of suppleness and even balance. To be able to keep kicking to someone’s head several times a round in one round after another requires several different abilities. One is your fitness while another is the strength to maintain your power when you’re getting tired. A third is the suppleness to be able to bring your foot to someone’s head height while there is also the balance to stay upright on one leg while kicking violently with the other. Yet another is the mental strength to keep hitting and blocking and keep fighting no matter how tired you’re getting.

Therefore doing a kickboxing workout can help many different aspects of your overal fitness. Getting in shape is not simply about going down to the gym and building up muscles, or going to an aerobics class and trying to burn off fat. It’s also about developping practical and useful skills. There can be no doubt that improving your balance and suppleness can be useful in general life, as can increasing speed and power. And that’s why we do a kickboxing workout because it works on all these things. It will even strengthen your hamstrings, hip flexors and ankles, all areas you might not focus on very much in gym.

Even if you’re striking thin air, as long as you do it with power and intent — that’s to say you imagine you’re really hitting someone or something rather than just going through the motions — you can still build up your speed and power. By throwing out a strike and then decelerating your arm or leg yourself, you’re working on two different types of muscle. But if you want you can adapt these Fat Buddha Fitness workouts and introduce a punchbag which will encourage you to hit even harder and work your body even more. In the end a kickboxing workout allows you to train certain muscles and parts of your body that don’t often get much attention. So try to make sure you include martial arts, kung fu or kickboxing as part of your regular exercise programme.



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