Meet Chestermonkeymagic

Meet Chestermonkeymagic

If you’re going to put your faith in a fitness instructor to help you get into shape then it’s not a bad idea to know something about him. With a name like Chestermonkeymagic, it would also be fairly standard procedure to be just a tad skeptical. You might just ask yourselves, why would I trust this guy? Many of you may have heard of Monkey Magic, but I don’t have a magic staff and nor can I manipulate clouds or turn people into animals. What I do have in common with Monkey Magic is we’re both fairly unique.

So why trust me? Well quite apart from my dazzling dress sense, I have more than a little experience. My primary schooling was in judo, in which I’m a black belt and qualified as a coach too, not to mention that I was once English Independent Schools champion and twice a medallist at the Kent County Championships. My martial arts training stretches back 30 years and as well as judo I have also participated in taekwondo, in which I won a medal at the graded British Championships, Muay Thai, Tai-chi, Qi-gong, Wu-shu, Wing-chun and Aikido. I have also written books (for children mostly) on both judo and taekwondo and in case you’re inerested in reading my inciteful prose, you can purchase these on Amazon amongst other respectable bookshops (shameless plug).

Quite apart from my martial arts history I have also taken part in football, rugby, athletics, tennis, wind-surfing, squash, surfing, sailing and cycling. What this means is that I’ve come across a great number of coaches in several different countries focussing on various different skills, and I’ve had the opportunity to learn from them all. It means I have a vast catalogue of ideas and approaches to getting fit and getting in shape, even if some of you may not appreciate the poetry in motion of my own personal form! Leaving my experience in sports and activities aside, hopefully you’ll get to know a little bit about me through the videos. Suffice to say, I am exactly how I come across. I don’t take life too seriously, I’m not image obsessed or vain in any way and essentially I just like having fun.

The reason for creating this website and the whole Fat Buddha Fitness concept was to have a bit of fun while providing a healthy, beneficial service. As a person I’m fascinated by Buddhism, although not a practising Buddhist by any means. But I do believe in the Middle Way and Fat Buddha Fitness is about finding the Middle Way. It’s not about protein shakes, nutritional supplements and muscles that look ready to pop out of your skin. Nor is it about pizza, beer and a sedate lifestyle in front of the telly. I want to be fit and healthy but my hopes of becoming an Olympic athlete have long died. The Middle Way is the right approach for me and hopefully it will be for you too. And whilst we’re at it, let’s enjoy it.




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